'Pass Over This Generation' Prayer Handbook
(First edition, February 2020)

"Pass Over This Generation"

(To Stop the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus)

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Fixed Prayer: Proclaiming the Name of the Lord 2345

1. May the Lord be the fortress for mankind 6
2. To pass over us 7
3. The Lord is enthroned as King forever 8
4. May the Lord surround us with mercy 9
5. May the Lord fight for mankind 10
6. Striving to spread the good news 11
7. The church is to intercede for our cities 12
8. May the Lord reveal deep and hidden things 13
9. May the Lord love us to the end 14
10. May the Lord's word guide our path 15
11. May the Lord bestow peace 16
12. May the Lord be gracious and heal the sick 17
13. The Lord is our dwelling 18
14. To stop the spread of the virus in one heart 19
15. May every one be strong in spirit 20
16. Pray for the medical personnel 21
17. May the Lord deliver us from evil 22

Contact us 23

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