'Pass Over This Generation' Prayer Handbook(2)
(First edition, March 2020)

"Pass Over This Generation" Prayer Handbook(2)

(To Stop the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus)

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Fixed Prayer: Proclaiming the Name of the Lord 1234

1. May the Lord Raise Up Prayerful Hearts 5
2. To Bind All Onslaught in the Lord’s Name 6
3. Understanding the Existence of Spiritual Forces 7
4. To Proclaim the Lord’s Victory 8
5. May the Lord Manifest the Reality of the Kingdom 9
6. The LORD is Enthroned as King Forever 10
7. May the Lord Deliver Us from Evil 11
8. May Peace be with You 12
9. May the Lord be Merciful and Heal Those Infected 13
10. May the Lord Speak to This Generation 14
11. All to be Alert and Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus 15
12. Who can Help Us? 16
13. May the Lord Restore Peace to the Disasters of the Last Days 17
14. May the Lord Bestow Peace 18
15. Striving to Spread the Good News 19
16. In One Heart Let Us Bless Hong Kong 20
17. Seeking A Solution in What is Good 21

Contact Us 22
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